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Originally Posted by habunow1 View Post
I going to order the BBK long tube headers and HF cat this week and install them before the IPF is installed by Matt and the guys at FSP in Flordia. Suspension and brakes will be done as soon as the wife (financer) frees up funds after the install.

So after reading all the above post is there a better catch can which can be used with the IPF system or way to set it up to help insure the motor is not damaged. Maybe a scheduled maintance program other than regular oil changes that I can do to prevent any problems.

Wife not happy about me voiding the extended warrarty we have when it installed and the last thing I want to hear is her tell me I told you so. I need to be sure that I do all I can to prevent any problems that I can.

Again thanks for the input and it is giving me exactly what im looking for because this will be my first SC.
Cancel your extended warranty... you should get a prorated refund...
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