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Originally Posted by CryoMan10 View Post
Man i agree with the others..... there is places for a a lot less near the 8 .. just jump on the 8 and pb is only a short drive..
Yeah, but I don't want to have to jump on the freeway everytime I go out. I was in Mira Mesa all summer and it was obnoxious getting a cab down to PB.

Originally Posted by MikeSVX View Post
I ended up in Escondido to get a decent place. My budget was 1800. Got a 3 bedroom house with 2 car garage for that here. They also have Cruis'n the Grand every Friday here. It's worth my 30 minute commute to downtown SD for work.
Escondido is too far. PB is within biking distance to work in the Sorrento Valley, so that is a big plus for me since I enjoy that and it keeps me healthy.

Originally Posted by 2010SSRSM6 View Post
Parking in PB is a PITA! I can't tell you how many time I had to call a tow truck so I could get out of my garage! You will have some jack a$$ park in front of your garage so they can hit the beach. Living in PB is nice 7 months a year, summertime SUCKS unless you never leave your place on anything but your feet.

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I figured that would be one of the issues. It'll be me and a room mate, so my car goes in the garage and his goes behind it I'm thinking.

I'm guessing my real concerns about PB are, if we stay a little ways off of Garnett will it be super loud? Will we still have the crazy drunks peeing in our yard, that sort of stuff. Also I mean if anyone in SD has the hookup for rentals let me know I'm a software engineer so trust me I'm not a wild partier who will wreck everything haha
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