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Originally Posted by right to travel View Post
Yes i know the 302S and 302R are not street legal but they are track cars as is the Z/28.

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO the BOSS 302, 302 LS, 302S, 302R are Race Legal Cars with the latter two being full out race cars.... I doubt that the Camaro Z/28 even qualifies for any Race Legal Classes (someone correct me if I'm wrong on that) but it for sure won't be in the same class as the Boss for obvious reasons. The Z/28 is a street car and is built to be a street car that you can track... The Boss 302 was built around racing restrictions....

THE CAMARO Z/28 is a Street Car that is built to be tracked therefore, despite GM's marketing it as such, it is NOT a race car. The BOSS 302S/302R are RACE CARS, you cannot drive them on the street AT ALL....
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