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We built a 1969 Camaro Wagon

It's an odd idea, I know. But that's part of why we wanted to do it, it's controversial and hasn't been done properly yet. So we decided to give it a shot. We took the roof of a 69 Chevelle Wagon and basically scalped a Camaro and put the wagon roof on.

I filmed most of the procress, so if you guys are interested in seeing a 6 minute video on how we did it, the link is below.

We took it to Good Guys Grand Nationals in Del Mar and it surprisingly got a very positive feedback. Big names were coming to see it. Of course we did get the haters, but that is to be expected. Not everyone is a wagon fan and a lot of people feel we disrespected the Camaro, but it was rotting in a field. We gave it life. It came out pretty bitchin! We still have a lot of work to go, but I wanted to show you guys our progress so far. Hope you enjoy it.
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