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Yeah i am thinking a Rotofab Cai with the adm scoop. Im not sure wether to get a smaller size pulley maybe a 3.6 or get the OD Cog drive. I just put on the 1:1 cog drive so i can here the whine, i dont think i want to take that out. But changing out the pulley would be just as good right? Plus i had 22s while i was on the dyno so i know that hurt my numbers as well. Thanks for your response

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Thats pretty low boost. Certainly a very safe level of boost for the L99. Most of the L99s I know of running the 2300 are running 8-9 lbs and getting into that 500-550 rwhp range.

I would get a better breathing intake for sure. That right three may add 20 hp. You may also want to repulley just to get boost up a bit more. 5 lbs sounds low for even the stock pulley.
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