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Originally Posted by jeffgtx View Post
The engine build experience is worth every penny. I hope they extend it to the z28. They also offer it as a crate engine option. The only potential issue I see is the fact that the hand built engine line is moving from MI to KY. That might cause a timing problem.

Although I can not speak from experience, I would have to agree.

Any useful training course these days is $ 3,000+ per week.

In the old days not knowing some of the tricks and quality control checks was of little consequence on an $ 800.00 engine build, just start it up, if it goes (good), if it blows (build another).

Thus (for me) I would have much more confidence (from the build experience) if I was to rebuild $ 13,000.00 worth of parts on my own.

Anything you learn can not be taken away and can be used over and over at no additional cost,
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