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The IPF system works just fine, it is included in the kit and is hooked up for the V6 DI motors.


However, if I am doing a V8 from scratch... This is how I have done it for years, same routing that ECS has done for years so why change what is not broke!

Intake Manifold to PCV Valve (Can't blow through PCV from Int Mani), to Norris Catch Can, Other side out to Valley Cover. Have the air filter fresh air inlet line going to front valve cover. Then use the ECS Breather cap (Filtered breather). This has worked fine at 15+ psi!

Over that, we open the breather system up even more... Instead of running the breathered cap, we run 2x -10AN weld bungs off each valve cover to a dual inlet vented can. Then we still use the Norris can with the PCV valve inline as to not boost the crankcase. You are dealing with a lot of boost at this point and you just cannot keep everything sealed up and need more evacuation so seals can live. For the vented cans we usually put them down near the bumper/head light area so you do not get the in-cabin smell through the cabin filter.

Both ways work perfectly, like I had said the first way is exactly how ECS had come up with.
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