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Originally Posted by franknbeans View Post
Getting a thread going for my ride.

Ordered on October 15th, 2008
Delieverd June 15th, 2009

1100, Preliminary order accepted (10.15.08)
2000, Order accepted by GM (4.23.09)
3000, Order accepted by production control (4.30.09)
3100, Order available to sequence(??)
3300, Order scheduled for production(5.22.09)
3400, Order broadcast (6.1.09)
3800, Order produced 2G1FT1EW7A9116235
6000, Delivered to the customer(6.15.09)


Picked up the car yesterday (16235) and it had 33 miles on it already. But it's all good. . . Paint is perfect for me... Keep in mind, I have NEVER seen a CGM Camaro but on the net. . . I kept the faith and stayed with my first color choice. . . Damn glad I did too!

On a side note:
I was going to make a separate post about this.. but decided not to.

I feel very sad for those who couldn't wait it out. . . Granted I was almost there. . Dealer had a nice GXP Solstice in the lot i thought about picking up. . .

This car will far pass any expectation you have. . . I have sat in many pre-Pro camaro's at the shows, but damn... when you actually get to spend time in one with out people hanging their heads in, checking it out .... damn.... just damn, is it nice.

About 3 days after I got the car I went ahead and got my Punisher Skull on the hood.

On 6.23.09 I got the Vinyl Rock Blocker put on the car.

All I get is red X's on all your pics. Can you load it as an attachment. Dying to see your Punisher skull hood.
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