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The $350 + Shipping price really is my lowest offer. If someone was going to be getting this anyways its a good bit of savings, but I in no way am in need of the money, I'm offering it up as potential saving for another member. I'm not even advering it anywhere else. VIS is selling it for $830 + $150 shipping. I bought mine off EBay for just over $500 +$150 Shipping ($650 total) (and that was a good price).... I'm offering it for $350 + $150 shipping ($500 total)...seems like my offer is more than fair to me. I actually thought the $450 + $150 shipping was. All thats not counting the Paypal hit I get as well.

If it doesn't sale, I fully intend to cut it up and see if I can make something like the RKSport type diffuser with it.

So no sense in offering me less. I really don't have to sell it, I'm just offering it out before I start cutting it up.

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