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Jul 02nd

Shot my dealer a message today to find out where I am in the ordering process and so forth. Asked about the Hurst shifter again but not really worring about it. Requested the badging delete except bowties and there all good with doing that, said they'd even hold some of my parts for me there with the car till I get back.

This quote is what hooked me here:
2lt- with the rs 28780 + t/l & doc fees
2ss-36380 +t/l & doc fees

and the deposit is $500 and we take your order as you want it not how we build it."

Lori Rios (
Quality Chevrolet
Escondido, Ca.
Tell her Thomas from Iraq sent you. Wont say you'll get a better deal and no I won't get a discount. But, she'd appreciate it.

She's good peoples. An my order form didn't came out around MSRP, haven't put down payment yet or discount but happy.

Also, shot a message putting my tire and wheel guy's together to figure out the particulars. Waiting on that too.

Discovered that I need to sell my Ford Explorer E.B. ed. Not sad as it was the Wifey's but not happy with all I've heard about he economy either. This should be fun. Maybe I should find an Explorer forum.
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