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Originally Posted by Firefighter View Post
Couldn't wait. Took all of 30 min. Very easy. The only things I can add are the following.

1) Even with the 1LE seperator the two cans install totally indipendant of each other. When you get in there and see how it works it's pretty obvious.

2) I added some red locktite to the bracket bolt and blue locktite to the can bolts. I also used some ARP teflon paste on the oil fittings. I used some fresh motor oil on the threads of the can and o-ring to make things smoother.

3) Make sure the bracket clears the tensioner it can rub against the moving part of the tensioner.

4) Don't fully tighten the bracket until you have your engine cover reinstalled you need to adjust the height of it for clearance.

5) You will notice that the GM/Chevy engineers had an aftermarket can in mind when they designed the bends in the factory seperator. There is no other explination for how odd/empty it looks without a can there.

If you get a black Elite can with the 3/8" rubber line it looks damn near stock under the hood. The only giveaways are the logo and the bright finish on the fittings.

Build quality is excellent the look is perfect. The only reservation I have is with the ONE bolt in the base of the bracket. I wonder how long before the bolt works loose. I will check it every time I empty the can.
Thank you for the post! Did you order the gloss black or the matte black? I want the one that blends in to the engine bay the best. Thanks
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