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Are you interested in an excellent forged ZR1 wheel for your Camaro? Do you want that muscular look for your Camaro? USW Forged is offering a ZR1 group buy on one of the best forged wheels made for the Camaro so check us out by clicking HERE!

If you look at our priciing structure, if one person signs up they get a discount from $7000 retail to $5600; a savings of $1400. We think this is a substantial discount for a high quality American made product made in the USA with American manufactured materials. The best deals are to be found with the higher number of depositers. If we can round up 16 depositers the savings is $3400 per depositer, a substantial amount for a very good ZR1 wheel!

Forged Monoblock USW Forged 20" Wheel Pricing:
RETAIL Pricing= $1,750/ea ($7,000/set)
01-05 Deposits= $1,400/ea ($5,600/set)
06-10 Deposits= $1,200/ea ($4,800/set)
11-15 Deposits= $1,000/ea ($4,000/set)
16+ Deposits= $900/ea ($3,600/set)

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