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Originally Posted by XxScottxXN View Post
I can remember when owners of muscle cars actually loved the cars they drove!! They didn't whine about not having a change holder. (You're driving a $30k car...give your change to someone who can use it!!) They never said anything about how bad the tail lights're driving one of the coolest cars on the it up...not down!!! You don't like something on these cars...maybe you should be driving a PRIUS!!! I've had some nice muscle cars over the years that I've never had a bad word about ANY of them!!! I LOVE GM MUSCLE!!!
I had a friend with an all original 69 DZ302...awesome car and you could take it to 10 grand in first gear all day long...unbelievable car and have always wanted one but the car was just too hard to find at a good price. I'm finally able to afford that car but decided to buy the 5th gen instead because you have all three of the 1st gen cars rolled into one amazing car and the guys that design these cars do everything they can to improve on this car every chance they get. And the tail lights on the 14...look really cool..and remind me of that 69 for some reason.
Everyone needs to say "THANK YOU" to the people on the Camaro team for giving you one of these COOL modern day muscle cars to drive!!!
"THANK YOU CAMARO TEAM"....I enjoy everything about my Camaro. I wish I could afford the new Z/28... but like that old 69 that I always wanted...the new one is just a dream too.
So your saying that if we drive a Camaro we should just be full of blind bias and love everything about it and tell GM they are doing a perfect just can't get any better????

Sorry I disagree.

Look, nobody here is saying that GM doesn't work hard on the Camaro, or that they haven't made improvements over the years, or that they just plain don't listen to us. We love the Camaro, and if we didn't think it was a great car we wouldn't have bought it.

All we are saying is that we don't like the changes, and honestly, if that how most people feel, GM needs to know. The 5th gen has done so well because of its fantastic looks....not because of its performance. I don't care what anyone says...if the Camaro was not attractive it would still be dragging behind the Mustang in sales.
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