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Originally Posted by Redmaro View Post
This is my 2010 VR. It's a 2LT/RS with 10,600 miles. Have gone with Giovanni 20" wheels, Flow master exhaust, K & N air filter, Lowered 1 1/2" front and 1 1/4" rear. It has many smaller mods, just to be different.
Looks good.... I went with Giovanni 20s as well.. 8.5s in front 10s in back and went with all season Yokohama spec-x tires they had good reviews on noise and traction rain and snow.. But mile life isn't that good range from anywhere 20,000 to 40,000 average 25,000 but at 190.00 a tire not a bad price

Question I see on engine cover you have 326hp I know 2011 and less hp is 311.. So where did u come up with 326.. COLD AIR INTAKE and what else???

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