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Originally Posted by Zfatuated View Post

Track days are like crack cocaine, only legal, healthier and more fun. I think crack might be cheaper though.

If you have any thought to buy a Z/28 and not track it, that's like marrying the person of your dreams and not having sex with them. It would be ridiculous and there is simply no good excuse for it.
I actually think both of these are good lines. The first actually dovetails nicely with my sig.

One nice thing about the new Z/28 is that it will be street legal so we could drive it to the track without the need to trailer it, major bonus.

As one who tracks here in the Midwest at Autobahn CC and Road America I can not wait to see this thing hit the track. Personally I would like a test drive on the track and I am sure some of you would too. I started a thread to this extent and if you agree please chime in.

"Horsepower is something that looks great in a Magazine article, but suspension is what actually gets you around the track fast.." Jack Olsen
The drag strip is like sniffing glue, it's cheap, it's a decent buzz, it doesn't last long and they are all the same.
Road racing is like China White Heroin, the buzz is stronger, the high lasts for hours, it's extremely addictive and they are all different.
I can't wait for my next
Track fix.
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