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Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post
Sorry GM, but you just can't win em all.

This time around, I think the RS package actually looks worse than the non-RS models. Lets start with the front. Its alright or even good from certain angles. The problem is the extended length of the headlamps which just looks awkward and makes the Camaro with just the halos on look "wide eyed" and goofy. I will give it some credit though, when the front parking lights are on it helps to break that up, but I still think the grille should have been extended and overlapped the lamps.

Moving to the rear. Its even worse than the front. The big black diaper on the bottom, the big square hole for a plate, no indention in the truck giving any definition, and tail lamps with a boring shape. Its just not good. I hope to see something more imaginative here with the 6th gen, which should be a big change, even if it does end up keeping similar styling cues.

Camaro I still love you, but this is one true fan that you haven't impressed.
looking at the front reminds me a person with a lazy eye and trying to figure out which eye is actually staring at you.. looks like a derp! the back end has a little in common with the 2010 + mustang, compare the two and youll see it.
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