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Originally Posted by Algeron View Post
Decided to take a quick drive around the block with the top down. The new top has several tethers that were not present on the old top and when down, it does not flap like the old top at speeds under 50 mph (in a city, fast as I could get). However, once I had the top down, and I could see in the car, I noticed some trash in the passenger seat (looked like top clippings). When I moved it, I found...

Needless to say, I will be calling back on Monday.
The top install shop owner my dealer uses told me how the retrofit procedure says to remove the mechanism and do the work outside the car. However some one taking short cuts might not do this. This issue is the new top canvas install requires drilling holes into the mechanism for the new teathers. If those drill shavings fall into the seat and are pressed in or hastily pulled out ...

Look very carefully in the seat creases or junction with the body panels for more metal shavings.
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