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Originally Posted by Firefighter View Post
F1 cars were/are a TOTALLY different animal than a Trans Am car. Aside from that I completely agree with your assesment. But I feel a typical street performance car has got to be similar in performance to an old T/A racer. I'm pretty comfortable with the thought that an SSor better in the camaro line up will give the Original Z/28 hell on a track and I would guess a 1LE on up would be faster.

The SS and an SS/1LE would be a race. I think either of the current Z's will beat it handily.

Then again this is just my uneducated/slightly informed opinion...

that's what I said: race cars are race cars, they are a different breed

I'm responding, in much of that thing I posted, to this:

"Technology has advanced so much that race cars of yesteryear can be outperformed by mundane street cars today. Modern track focused car will annihilate anything from 1969.

That's a thing that I think can be very true, but it is not an automatic thing
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