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Originally Posted by shrinkdoc View Post
If its $69k they can expect to sell maybe 10 or 20 of them a year. Most are waiting to see what the 6Gen looks like before dumping $70k in a camaro with no A/C.
They will sell more than 10 or 20. Seriously more than that. Might only be 1,000 or so but 10 to 20 is a bit of an exageration don't you think?

Originally Posted by shrinkdoc View Post
Why spend 69k when a ZL1 is $54k?
It would be that 3 seconds per lap in a NA car that can run at the track allllllll day long without heat soak issues.

Originally Posted by Forty5th View Post
Your Service Manager needs to act like a MANAGER and stop spreading gossip & speculation... and just focus on honest customer service on the current vehicles on hand.
Heyyyyy, he can have an opinion just like everyone else. He just apparently thinks because he is a SERVICE manager that his opinion counts more.

Originally Posted by babytiger View Post
Because........ it's two entirely different cars....

Originally Posted by Boris632 View Post
Corvette tax included.

Im sure this will be 60k but i could see them selling it for 45-50 and be a profitable car
Profit is a very complicated thing for an automobile. Just sayin'

Originally Posted by lbls1 View Post
Crazy, especially due to the fact that its 160 hp down from the gt500 (even though its n/a). Chevy has to be careful with this one. You can only spread hype so far....
So the fact that the 1LE and the ZL1 have already beaten both the Boss and the GT500 in track testing and the Z/28 will only be faster doesn't mean anything?
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