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Originally Posted by shrinkdoc View Post
Why spend 69k when a ZL1 is $54k?
Originally Posted by 2SSRS View Post
I think the price will be as high as said in the OP i hope not but the brakes are over 10K by them self add the the newer rear end gears, 305 on all corners and that LS7 we all want and the new seats, and its a 40K in new parts if not more. so add that to a stock SS and lets see if its not at 75K+ car.
IMO it's not worth $75k+. I don't care if those parts add up to $40,000. I'd wait until a 6th gen Z/28 comes out if it indeed does. If not? Why spend that amount of money when a true track fan can build something cheaper that will match if not beat a new Z/28? Because its got a factory warranty? If you're racing, warranties don't mean squat, though they're nice, not needed. I'll repeat myself. It's a great car and I'd love to have one but I refuse to spend that amount on one just to say I have one. I wouldn't race it much but I'd play with her.

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