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Originally Posted by BlueRay-J View Post
Yeah, I'm torn on this. Color, but same info and graphics = no big deal. All kinds of new info and graphics, might be worth it.

That and the blue interior package are really the only things that make me feel I should have waited. But I really love the rear-end on my 2013. I'm just thankful the 2014 didnt get an HP boost! At least not that we know of. I guess that is selfish a bit, but I didn not expect a such a change to the camaro just 4 months ago when I purchased. I wish I had a better general idea of what was coming even if there was no specifics.
For me the biggest factor was the discontinuation of the IOM.
Maybe I could have delt with the new front and rear with the new hud and DIC but when they discontinued IOM exterior(but kept interior? ) I had no interest in the 20140. I literally was at a dealer the next day ordering a 2013 IOM in and ext.
I also got hood and hockey, discontinued 2014. So for me 2014 never had a chance
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