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Quick Update:

Removing Rear Sub Bushings and control arm bushings.

Here are a few pictures of the process my brother and I took to remove the rear bushings. This is by no means is the only way to do it or the easiest but being that my rear sub was out of the car, this is the way I did it.

To keep the upper control arm bracket from moving around while trying to cut out the bushing, Justin made a fixture to bolt it to.

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Next we used a saw to cut the center section out.

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Here is the center section from one of the sub frame bushings for reference. Similar to the control arm bushings.

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These bushings have an outer steel sleeve that has adhesive from the factory. We gave it some heat to loosen up the adhesive. The last step was to cut the steel outer ring very carefully as to not cut the housing (Picture not shown.) Next I hammer a screw driver to create a wedge between the sleeve and housing and worked it till the steel ring collapse on it self. I will say this was a PITA to do.

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For the sub bushing the process was basically the same. After cutting out the center section, I broke off the edges of the bushing and the made two cuts with the saw-zall and pried it with the screw driver.

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Finally got them all out.

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If anybody has some tips for others on an easier way to remove these bushing, please post them as this seemed pretty barbaric way of doing them, LOL.

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