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Originally Posted by orthojoe View Post
You'd think so, but it seems that a lot of people don't 'get it'. Just wait, as soon as the 1/4 times show that it's slower than a ZL1, people are going to start talking about what a 'ripoff' the Z/28 is when they can get a ZL1 that is 'faster' and cheaper..... Hopefully I'm wrong, but I'm probably right...
Most likely you are wrong
How GM would charge more for less , they can try , but I think they will be in for a surprise .
Regarding performance , GM has to keep some cards in the sleeve
About 18 months after they bring the Z/28 back out , they will bring an updated newer version with another 80+ HP , and there we go again , and again
One can never bring all the cards at once , it's not a good thing !!!
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