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Originally Posted by oldfriend View Post
How GM would charge more for less , they can try , but I think they will be in for a surprise .
Regarding performance , GM has to keep some cards in the sleeve
About 18 months after they bring the Z/28 back out , they will bring an updated newer version with another 80+ HP , and there we go again , and again
One can never bring all the cards at once , it's not a good thing !!!
If you really think they are charging more for less, especially if the z/28 runs slower than a zl1 in the 1/4 mile, then count yourself in the group that doesn't 'get it'.

There are reasons why I don't think a supercharger should and would be added. A supercharger will add heat, weight, and complexity. Three things you don't want in a car that will be tracked heavily, and that you want to be reliable in terms of power and consistency. You also want minimal points of failure. Most buyers are amateurs, and we don't want to worry about overheat and failure issues. We just want to drive on track
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