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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
My guess on the z/28 1/4 times and mph is ZERO because nobody who buys one is going to want to be seen at a FREAKING DRAGSTRIP. I honestly don't get the 1/4 mile thing sometimes. It's not the be-all end-all of performance.

This car is a hunter; a production car killer. In the hands of a skilled driver it's going to terrorize production cars everywhere. Most drivers will lose their courage before this car will lose it's ability to perform. It's pretty much going to become THE car to have for HPDE, club events and track days. I can't wait to see the legend it creates for itself on the semi-pro/pro circuit. Nothing in this paragraph has or will have anything to do with 1/4 mile times.

Stingrays and Z/28s at Le Mans, Daytona, Sebring....there are some serious Chevy racing glory days just up ahead.
I don't think that's the question, Doc. The Z/28 at the 1/4 is not the be-all end-all question... just a simple query by the OP on what it can do in the 1/4 and it's not taking away at all from its primary objective and principal intent for use--> at the road course/track/circuit. So in the spirit of the OP's question, let's keep the context within the OP's scope... @ what do you think it can do in the 1/4 mile strip? We all know the Z/28 is going to surprise many highline manufacturers once the track times are tested & revealed.
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