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Originally Posted by marstolt View Post
Yeah, I just called my dealership and told them about the private offer and they seemed totally on board with it.

So basically if it comes in BEFORE 4/30 it's looking like I'll be saving $2,000. Wow, I'm really hoping I'm lucky enough to have that happen! Crossing my fingers...
The plant is North of Toronto and I am in the Detroit area.....I was told by my dealer (Rodgers Chevrolet, Becky D.) that it is usually 3 weeks after the TPW week for the car to arrive to them. We are only 5.5 hours from the plant.

Not sure were you are located...but I would not expect it before 4/30.....I do know Rodgers has 5 or 6 1LE on their lot when I was there a week ago if you want to use the rebate before 4/30.

Side note: I just tried and got one as well on the second try....Mine will not be in until late May so I will have to try again next month...

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