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FT/FS - 2000 Trans Am LS1 6spd

2000 Pontiac Trans Am LS1/6spd.

Includes 4 Speedline Wheels in need of refinishing as well as two spare 16x8 wheels.

Mileage: 58,xxx

Mods include:
CAGS Delete
Pacesetter Mild steel 1 3/4" LTs
Pacesetter ORY with cats (high temp black paint
Texas Speed Rumbler exhaust with dual dual tips
CETA Blackout
Short stick shifter (WS6 store)

Was wrecked twice, drives fine now but could use a new set of accessory pullies and a clutch/MC/Slave upgrade along with a bleed. Royal purple in the pumpkin with factory 3.42 ratio. I'd switch the oil back to something else due to excessive noise. Needs tires.

PM/Email with offers or 'Don't do it bro!'. Never thought I'd have to but I've fallen that far now. Don't think I'll ever forgive myself for it.

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