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upgraded from my Crossfire'd ATI Radeon 5750's to a 7850 today. It also came with a free copy of Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider via Steam. Installed and running great. Enjoying playing all my games with graphics cranked up

As for my old 5750's, they did everything well for me and still played new games with Medium settings (such as Dishonored). Some newer games even on High with AA turned off. They are going into a new rig I'm going to build for my wife. She doesn't need a tremendous amount of graphical power, but why buy a new card when my old ones would still do great for her (they are overkill for her needs really).

Her new rig will be a budget build with room for upgrade-ability later and be something like this:
an ASUS MOBO (still deciding on a sub-$100 board, or possibly a ASUS P8Z77-V for ~$130)
Intel Celeron G1610 Ivy Bridge 2.6GHz LGA1155 Dual-core (~$50-60)
2x ATI Radeon 5750 (previously in my rig)
4GB Corsair XMS3 RAM (previously in my rig, might buy two more 2GB sticks)
a decent CoolerMaster or Antec mid-tower case (I really like my Antec Three Hundred, might grab another)
500 W Power supply... probably thermal take or rosewill
misc. OEM DVD-RW drive, probably just pick it up at Fry's.
a keyboard and mouse she likes

That will be a $400 or less machine (depending on the MOBO I go with), and it will be a MASSIVE upgrade over my old college laptop she's still using. She's a casual SWTOR player and lags all over the place. That old laptop just is waay beyond it's ability now... I think it has a 256MB old Mobility Radeon graphics card and a 1.6ghz dual core intel. Still a good e-mail checker though. Works fine and runs Win7 32-bit.
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