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Kurt, your friendship though only from here, is beyond years in wisdom of many folks i know Kurt. It is not only a great build, but the biggest factor is the person behind the build! You and your family are a special crew Kurt and i would love to wrench a car with you any day!
Camaro5 did themselves one up on this nomination, the person behind the build and his character should be the biggest factor in choosing COTW every week, just like they have done right here!
This community is much better off with you on these boards!

Originally Posted by aquablueL99 View Post
You and your Dad were a big part of the equation on my modding ABL99. I so wish I would have had the honor to not only know Chuck, but be with him and you on the race track. In my earlier years I pitted some for a couple friends of mine and simply had a ball. There is just something about going to the track, smelling the fuel and rubber burning on the corners--Not to mention the beer, food and all the good times...the wet rides home when we would get drenched from the rain and loving every minute...
Then there was the "wrenching". Man now I was like a "pig in the pit". It just did not get any better than that my FRIEND!!!....

Somehow I feel as if I have met your Father through you...I am sure we would have made a good team!!....

Thanks again Tim. I so enjoy your wisdom and words....

Kurt ABL99...
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