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While I agree with everyone stating this car is not built for the 1/4, you know it will be tested there by magazines. You have to know that someone that buys one will shop up to the drag strip with it. Now you can say either that person doesnt get or whatever but I can almost guarantee somebody will take it to the 1/4 just to see what it does. I have seen quite a few cars that have no business being on drag strip go down the 1/4 mile. Ive seen Lamborghini's at the drag strip, you cant tell me those cars are built for the 1/4 mile, but sometimes people just want to blast down the strip.

With that being said, I did agree that the car is not built for the 1/4, and lap times will be more interesting/valid to discuss. But to answer the O.P.'s question, im going to guess somewhere in the low mid 12s @ around 115
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