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Originally Posted by pierre777 View Post
I think the NS1 stripes are gonna look real badass bro , can you take a pic of rotors installed as I'm thinking of getting a set for my car and I'd like to see how they look on your car , don't forget to dyno after the headers install to see the gains you're gonna get .
Originally Posted by ssmike View Post
Monchy, your Camaro looks great! Kevin, can't wait to see yours in person!
Thanks Mike! I can't wait to see yours and see how good those Hex Vents look good in person!

Well yesterday I attemtped to install my new rotors and pads. Long story short only install the front two rotors in 2 and a half hours (ran into a lot of problems ) At first I had a hard time taking off the front rotors cause of rust but I eventually just hit the backside with a hammer and they came off. A major problem was when it came to instal the pads. For some reason with the pads on the caliber (which is effing heavy btw) they wouldn't fit over the rotor (thinking maybe I didn't have piston open as much as I could have) I attempted to do replace the rear rotors also but couldn't get the rear ones off since they were rusted over so much (tried hitting it with a hammer but was hard since it doesn't freely rotate like the fronts). I eventually gave up. I was also going to install my Black gorilla acorn locks but they key is a little short and my socket is too thick so I was stratching my rims along where the lugs go, I'll have to go out and see if I can find a skinner socket I guess.

R1 Slotted/Drilled Rotors

The first thing I did was paint the hats with black spray paint

Stock Front Rotors

R1 Slotted/Drilled Rotor

Now the front two R1 rotors are 1.82lbs lighter than stock. Not much of a loss but it is rotational weight. The rears are about 3.1lbs lighter so that would be a total of almost 5lbs of rotational weight gone.
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