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Originally Posted by OldScoolCamaro View Post
...sweet, I love it, still had the training wheels on though....getting the feel of it no doubt before blistering the tires...., eagerly awaiting the hot lap vid.....
Originally Posted by QUICKSS View Post
Appears to need to dial in the suspension a tad.
This^^. Im no expert at all but it looks like they were taking it easy collecting data and learning the car on that track. The suspension on this car is extermely adjustable from what ive read about it from the company that designs these types of suspensions. I wonder if there will be a mode selection button like the ZL1

So being that this is a longer track would it be assumed that its time will be slower than the ZL1 here? I think ill fire up the simulator (Forza) and see what i come up with (THIS IS A JOKE)

but im really gonna do it

Oh and WTF cammo? i mean we all know what it looks like. is it just to protect the paint or hide the lack there of
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