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My take

1SS 1LE - 35,000

I am thinking the cost to make the LS7 is about 7000 and the LS3 3500
So add 3500

Brakes - removal of stock brake system 1500. Add Carbon - 6000
So 4500 extra

Seats, glass, other tweaks - 2000.

I am seeing a 10k cost. Who knows what the margin is on these cars - I will say 30% so $13,000.

Labor and factory Overhead should be no different than any other Camaro.


Im sure all the nickel and dime stuff will push this over 50k MSRP and don't forget the gas guzzler tax.

They say it is more expensive than the ZL1 but outside of the brakes I don't see it. Maybe in the R&D but I am pretty sure the ZL1 was flogged pretty heavily too.

I will stick with my 48-50k just because everyone is shooting for 60+
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