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Got mine installed last night... looks identical to the install above. The black (intake) nipple on car did look wet from oil when I pulled the stock PCV hose. So, I'm happy to have catch can installed, at less than 300 miles on car.

Went ahead and used the blue and red locktite on screws/mounting bolt and teflon tape on fittings. The bracket should be tightened with bolt all the way at top of lower slot, IMO. That would be on an LS3 using the 1LE seperator. I got the top of can hose fitting extremely tight and facing proper direction, there's no way i could get another rotation on the side fitting. It's snug, but movable.

There was an O-ring already on the can threads, I'm assuming the one in kit is an extra. I used lock washer with mounting bolt, although instructions didnt indicate too.

Elite's install instructions online were great. Really impressed with quality appearance out of the box.

Big thanks to Apex Motorsports too... my road to getting an Elite can had a couple bumps. Their customer service had me sorted out with a refunded difference and new can in hand in less than a week after returning my original purchase.
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