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Originally Posted by 69 Camaro 09 View Post
Hey guys, tracked my Camaro once so far and couldn't hook up on the street tires (even at 17 pounds in them). I am looking into a drag radial and coming up with the Nitto 555R, 305/35/R20.

I am running at 470rwhp, and will probably plan to be around 510

Do you think i will hook up with the Nitto?
Obviously if you can find a better wheel/tire combo that will hook up, that will be better than what I am about to suggest. I would and have done this. This advice assumes you are not using launch control successfully or you have an A6.

Get with your tuner and log some launches, two or three. Then have your tuner take out some timing just in the area of the timing table that generally applies to your launch in first gear. This will allow you to bring down the hp/tq a little so you can hook up better at a high rpm so as to still get off the line quickly. You may want to do this in combination with a wheel/tire improvement. I do not have my M6 SS yet so I have not been able to work with the launch control. Also could you please put your mods in your sig so we can better advise you more quickly. BTW I had very good luck hooking up my C5 with the BFG drag radial.....very sticky.

I am wondering how well the launch control is going to help with hooking up over 450 rwhp/tq??

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