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Originally Posted by Cyber Gray
Did they launch the 2013 model yet?

Dodge website shows only 2012 SRT8 models until now !!

It seems that they are working on many changes because I heard about a supercharged version too
Yes, they have been in production since July. On the Dodge site they have two tabs; one that shows 2013 MY and another that is 2012 MY under the build your own link.

Originally Posted by Zedave
I was told this is the last year for the Challenger
The Challenger will be produced through 2016.

Originally Posted by 360ss
there's always the 8.4-liter V10, and if they were to put that under the bonnet of the Challenger, it would be turned into a much more unique proposition, and probably be priced above its rivals.

The magazine states, however, that chances of getting the V10 are very slim.
Why put a V10 in a Challenger when Mopar has a 426 crate motor sitting on the shelf. I would leave the V10 for the Viper and have the 392 and 426 for the Challenger.

Originally Posted by 2cnd chance
Yes, here's the picture of it that came out last week. Oh and they have a longgggggggggg way to go. But it does look good.
That is not it. That is the Jeff Dunham's Dodge Challenger he built for this past SEMA.

Originally Posted by Number 3
I think the car he is referring to is the NG not current. The car is simply too heavy. The Z/28 has huge tires to compensate. Not saying Fiat can't get the chassis sorted out, but in the end I think he is talking about the rumored smaller car coming down the road a bit.
Nah, he is talking about the current platform (LC).
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