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Originally Posted by LOWDOWN View Post
As a consumer, I'd like the car to be priced "as reasonably as possible". As a Corporation, GM will price it "suitably", respecting development costs added to parts and production costs vs. planned volume vs. expected demand (considering a likely 16-month-or-so build cycle).

All this chatter of $70-80-90+K pricing simply is speculative...and unfortunately could be "encouraging" to a higher-than-necessary final figure.

The car will "simply" cost what it costs, to purchase. The final decision on that Base figure is GM's decision...and theirs alone. Let's not "encourage" a price that is unrealistic, in either direction, but particularly one that is too high...
Agreed. I mean they can sell you a Camaro for 23,345 (on their website) and make a profit. They sell the most of these V6 cars. GM won't tell you what their business plan is and they shouldn't. But my take was that the Camaro was the car for the working man and the Corvette was for his boss. If this car starts pushing 60k you might start stepping on the working man's toes. Granted it is a track beast - but they made it a street car for a reason. The fact that they kept it a street car tells me they want to sell this car and sell as many as they can. To me the price needs to be under 60k (especially with dealers going to mark this up atleast another 10k).

If they just wanted a track beast then they should have went the COPO route - no VIN track only and limited production run
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