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Originally Posted by hognutz View Post
there is no way 3.91 will hurt its time it will only help it. it helped the 1le it will help the z/28.

the origianl z/28 sucked at the quarter mile becaue it had a 302. this one has a 427.

I think if the 1le can do 12.7 or so the z/28 whould have no problem with 12.2-12.3 at minimum.

the power difference betten the LS3 and the LS7 is night and day. the LS7 smashes it everywhere low end, top end, more rpm range. I have owned both. stock vs stock it has some much more power.

Correct the gearing will help the Z/28 in the 1/4. Calculators show it at 11.8
The 1Gen Z/28 SUPRISINGLY didn't suck. In fact it was almost as fast as the top 396.
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