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Originally Posted by 2010 SS RS View Post
Sounds like a good problem to have. What mods have you done to boost rwhp by 100? I agree that a set of 18" for the track as wide as you can get and just get some drag slicks for the track. Why mess with the drag radials if it is going to just be at the track on them anyway. The drag slicks will be a better buy and you will get max bite and should be good to go will into the higher rwhp numbers you are seeking. And you will be able to enjoy those smoking hot burnouts without chewing away at the tread. Love hearing about this type of problem.
TVS 2300 got me the boost in HP/TQ. First A6 with one

I definitely agree with you guys that an 18" tire would be the best bet to go with, but i was also looking into something thicker for street use (cosmetic look wise). So i want to go with the 20" (if it will hook).

i do not have the cash to buy 18" tire AND rim to go with it :( especially if i want a new set for the street also.. Plus the car won't be at the track too often, i just really want to hook up when i make it out to the next "PINKS All out" in September.
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