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I haven't updated my thread in a while. I've been busy with a huge epic project. My free time over the winter, that I started around the last time David50camaro posted was to start scanning in all the negatives of all of our old photos to have digital copies of them.

I had started with our old Super8 films getting them to DVD. I found a guy here locally in Lansing, MI that did those for 10 cents a foot. I later extracted the footage, added titles, dates, and music from the era it was filmed then posted them up on my facebook account.

I have videos that run from 1973 when my brother was a baby up to 1991 when he turned 18. That took a while.

I also have over 2550 negatives that I scanned in. I can't say I see any old Camaros in the past that I could share. Now maybe I could find photos of my Aunt's 1980 Trans-am.

Oddly it appears most of the picture links seemed to have disappeared. Pretty odd.
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