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Originally Posted by Thapilot View Post
Chase, this is very helpful, thanks for taking the time to write this up. Question, I see some brands listing HF Cats and others just list them as Cats, is there such a thing as HF and what are the benefits? And I second Ice99's question about TSP?
Originally Posted by RJT-SS View Post
Aftermarket cats = high flow (HF) whether they are the ones that bolt up to the stock exhaust manifold (Solo or JBA) or cats that bolt onto long tube (LT) headers.

Simply stated, the benefits are in the name; they flow the exhaust gases better than the stock cats. They also keep you emissions legal except for more restrictive states like California.
RJT-SS pretty well nailed that one Thapilot. Anything you buy aftermarket if going to be high flow. I do not have any hands on experience with TSP headers so I am not in a position to comment on them.
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