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My 2SS

Got my car on 6/2/09 after a long hold in QC, And this is what i will do to the car.
Car is a 2SS IOM paint and white rally stripes with orange two tone INT and an LS3 M6 Trans


* ARH After 5 months of beta testing i put on my headers and love it. Done

* New exhaust: Don't know the one i want at this time. most likely flowmaster Exhaust.

* CAI From Vararam. Done

* CAI from K&N droped car on 7-6-09 and back on 7-9-09 and i put up the info on this thread. Done Here is the Thread.

* Tune: from some one that know something. It will be Chuck CoW. (Corvette's of Westchester in Ossining NY) As i think he is one of the best.

* Short throw shifter: See this Thread, Done Or this one.

*Wheels: will mod the car so i can put 335/30/20 on 20x11.5 rims and up to 305/35/20 in the front on some 20x10.5. Breed wheels Wow the rims look like killer.

* Adjustable Coilover : Done see thread

* Suspension: will see whos soon.

* Big CI Engine: 650RWHP Or more. next year I am working on this I want A LSX 454 and GMPP is going to let it out of hiding soon.

* Quad Rear Diffuser and tips.Done
* Relocate car Antenna. Done
* New fenders that look like the ones from a ZR1 Done
* Gm aftermarket grill
* some kind of front spoiler and may be ground Affix
* Add SS embloms Camaro badge on fender. Done
* Add SS embloms on trunk lid and front grill. Done
* Add Vent decal on the side.Done
* Add decal on the Engine cover.Done
* Add decal on the wheels. Done
* Tint all 5 Windows. Done
* Remove tail light Basel. Done
* New tail lights ( LED ). Done this one And the last one
And here is a DIY on how to make them.


* Add red LED's to my Homelink. Done see post 61
* ABL on the dash.Done
* ABL on the on the lower part of the door panel.
* G8 Pedal covers.
* Steering wheel to mach interior orange from DSVCustoms
* Cargo net Done
* Cargo floor mat
* Door sill decals. Done
* Flor mats, black with Camaro logo Done

* Quad Rear Diffuser and tips.Done]
* Adding HUD to the 2010 Camaro Done
* New Suspension parts for the front end to take up the room in the strut.
* Add red LED's to my Homelink. Done see post 61
* Put ABL on the Dash: Done
* MSD wires for the LS3 part # 32829 Done
* Separation Of the Brake/Clutch Fluid reservoir. Part # 92065790 Done
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