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A while ago I purchased a set of BMR's drop springs. Orginally it was the 1.4 front and 1.0 rear. The problem with the front springs is the dead coils would rub under load going over bumps which eventually removed the red paint from that area. I called them and they send me a set of the 1.0 front springs to research why they were rubbing. Mind you I have paid for 2 alignments already to adjust to each set. I have been in constant contact with them for 9 months regarding this issue and they would only tell me that there technicians were looking into it. They did offer to pay for my alignment which is all good and dandy yet the front dead coils still rub to the point where it started removing the coating and making noise. They also offered to give me a discount on another part from them which to me doesnt seem like a good deal considering they havent fixed the first problem. Why would I want another part from their company. In the near future I will be taking these off for coil overs and trashing these I wouldnt even try to sell these to a member knowing the problems they have. I made this thread to warn anyone else that if they purchase a product from this company with issues dont expect to get them resolved in this lifetime. I held out on making this thread in hopes that they would fix this problem but have not contacted me or tried to resolve the issue.

Here is a link to my initial thread showing everyone the issues.

As you can see they dont even attempt to defend themselves at all or even provide and explanation.
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