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These are the Results to compare it to the original Track test done by Edmunds on the 2010 Model year

2010 Chevrolet Camaro Coupe
(6.2L V8 6-speed Manual)

Track Test Results
0-45 mph (sec.) 3.4
0-60 mph (sec.) 5.1
75 mph (sec.) 6.8
1/4-mile (sec. @ mph) 13.1 @ 109.4
0-60 with 1 foot of rollout (sec.) 4.7
Braking, 30-0 mph (ft.) 27
60-0 mph (ft.) 111
Slalom, 6 x 100 ft. (mph) 65.8
Skid pad, 200-ft. diameter (lateral g) 0.86
Sound level @ idle (dB) 47.6
@ Full throttle (dB) 81.8
@ 70 mph cruise (dB) 70.0

Acceleration comments
This car favors a boggy launch with minimal wheelspin. Shifter is very good, but clutch uptake is right on the floor. Gear spacing must've been planned to reach the quarter-mile at the very very top of 3rd gear. Strong motor with no dead spots all the way to redline.

Braking rating: Very Good

Braking comments

First stop was best, but subsequent ones were still very good, showing no signs of fade. Pedal effort is moderate to firm. Little dive and no squirm.

Handling rating: Good

Handling comments
Slalom: Huge yaw delay as the car was reluctant to turn in. As a result, I'd either arrive "late" at each cone or I had to force myself to turn earlier than I'd like to. This car was neutral to a fault, meaning it neither understeered nor oversteered, giving me few tools to make it go through faster. Skid pad: Extremely balanced. I could steer it with the throttle alone. Steering feels natural and loads predictably.

Track Day Videos:
Built #83817, Born January 18th, Christened June 11th 2010, Stolen October 3rd 2016.
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