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Originally Posted by Monchy36 View Post
Yes watch the videos but in my phone... didn't know there notes too... ok sensei! Let me watch them on my PC and if I still have questions I'm come back here...
Make sure you take a lot of notes and don't skip through anything. Like I say in the videos, if you ask a question about something that I already covered in the videos, I'm just going to tell you to watch the videos again. So make your 2-hour ordeal worth the experience.

Originally Posted by RayZ28 View Post
today on the freeway some smart guy decided to break some part of his car and pieces scattered everywhere.. one of them some type of plastic about 8'' long right into the front-left bumper.. i checked it out and yeah its a nice little scrape mostly dirt but after clearing up the dirt still litlle scuffs left behind.. whats the best approach to this.. doesnt seem like a whole restoration project is needed but does that ''Duplicolor/Paint Scratch & Fix Tube'' actually work good for something like this..?
You need to just pull up to a body or detail shop and let them fix it for you. It takes about 5 minutes to fix and you won't have to worry about buying worthless OTC products. If you want to fix it yourself, watch the videos but it would be cheaper for you just to stand and watch a guy remove that damage rather instantly. It's that simple to fix.
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