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One Month and 210 miles.....................

So this wknd.will be one month with the Red Baron,and all seems well.Just a quick reminder of what I got Victory Red,black stripes,npp,nav,manual with the short throw shifter.The HSA is a little annoying but I'm getting the hang of it,skip shift is no problem as I accelerate past that point anyways,the low mileage is because I mostly drive my silverado to my job sites with a trailer in tow.This car does get attention,especially when picking the kids up at their schools.There is a car like mine in my neighborhood a 2010 but they don't waveI had every intention of getting a SS/1LE,but found this car on the lot and decided it would look great in my garage,I really try to drive it as much as possible,in fact one day after watching a video on here I took the car around the block twice just to hear it rumble Ha!I fully understand PermaGrin now as this car has an effect on your brain when you get behind the wheel with all that power and this is not my first rodeo by any means.So a bigfor all fellow Camaro owners and enthusiast.If your even thinking about making a move on a Camaro don't wait,go and do it I don't regret it at all.
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