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Originally Posted by lbls1 View Post
I've said it a couple of times that both the ZL1 and the Z/28 compromised the hertiage of their name plates on this 5h generation platform. Don't get me wrong; Both cars are awesome, and technically they do carry on the performance numbers of their forebearers.

However, to me it looks like one or two decisions about naming these 5th gen prototypes were made too hastily; In the case of both the zl1 and z28, it doesn't appear that we have as clear of a distinction between the models as it was with the original Z28 and ZL1. As an example; It was well known that the original ZL1 featured a 427 cu. inch big block, and was a naturally aspirated, straight-line street car (screamer), and that the Z/28 was a light weight, small block performance car that emphasized efficient power and good handling.

Fast forward to 2013: We have a ZL1 with a small block, supercharged engine, and with an emphasis on handling and technology. We also now have a Z/28 with a 427 cu. in. engine (albeit also a small block), with stripped amenities and also focusing on handling. To me, both cars do not have a clear grasp on the heritage of their forebearers that made the nameplates legendary. Its my opinion, but I feel that the images of both cars would've been clearer if one car would've been dedicated as a drag strip influenced car, while the other (z/28) would have had have a stricter focus on handling and also featuring a specific derived small block engine in the 300 cu. inch range. It seems that both 5th gens are trying to do it all at once, and it remains to be seen that either car could be a dominant player in their respective performance categories.
Thats the part I find ironic as well.

The 69 ZL-1 Had a hand built 427, and was a 1/4 missile, is now powered by supercharged small block and is a great track car.

The Z/28 now gets the hand assembled 427 so it can be the track star.

I know why they used the LS7 for the Z/28, it was the best high revving small block they had but I just find the above ironic in a humorous way lol
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