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Every Camaro currently made can be drag-raced....Every Camaro made can also be tracked, auto-xd, whatever...

Street legal, "purpose-built" drag cars won't come from the factory....There is not enough demand, and "stripper cars" don't sell enough to the public to be viable...

....Drag racing is strictly an American sport...Very much unlike road-coarse racing...The future of Camaro is the world-wide market, and street legal drag-cars have no appeal there to make it worthwhile to produce...

Don't think we'll see stripped down, street legal drag-cars in abundance until we can build them ourselves from good, low dollar used ones...The factory won't do that just for a couple years of limited sales in the U.S....

Just my opinion...Why would they build a drag car if 99% of the race/track features...(Comp Mode, for instance)...go unused by Camaro buyers as it is?
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