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Originally Posted by lbls1 View Post
Chevy hesitated rightly because the Z/28 by heritage was a naturally aspirated car with modest amenities.

It is the end decision that raises questions with me. While its not a perfect world, and whereas both cars are fantastic, I'm still left with a few more things desired.
and the ZL1 was the king at the drag strip.

So why was the ZL1 created to be a track monster and now come out with the Z/28 as another track monster?

Like Wizard asked - where is the straight line Camaro for the street?
A 427 or LS9 with a 3.91 gear and bullet proof rear end and option transmission?

Not a hard thing to do but instead they made the COPO and only made 69 of them and charged 90k. Or supposedly you can buy a roller COPO for 50k (saw it on dragzine and havent heard about it since).

Still not street legal.

GM missed the ball here.

Originally Posted by Doc View Post
Yeah but you're talking about a car priced in the $40k's, not $60k+ which is where I expect the Z/28 to be. No doubt there'll be a few rich guys who'll buy a Z and take it to the dragstrip so they can be the center of attention which is what they bought it for to begin with.

Do you see a lot of expensive BMW's and Porsches at the drags? Once a certain price point is reached it becomes a much more purposeful purchase; especially with a car that's been weight-reduced from the factory for the track.

Chevy has a Camaro for the serious drag racer; it's the COPO. For the guy who wants power and comfort on the street, it's the ZL1. For the serious road course racer it's going to be the Z/28. It's going to be REAL interesting to see what the 6th gen cars are like considering the big 15% weight reduction mandate now in place for the next generation of cars.
I know of a guy now who will probably buy the Z/28 and make it his drag car. he has the money and his camaro's are all drag strip cars except his new ZL1

Plenty of first gen Z/28s are now big block prostreet/bracket cars with giant tires, a ford 9", a turbo 400, and a full on roll cage. There will be some people who do this to their Z/28s.

As for expensive Euros? Yes I have seen plenty of them and they normally underwhelm at that. A 200k lambo running 11s is pretty pathetic when a Camaro next to it for 30k and a shot of nitrous runs 10.90s. I see this stuff all the time.

If I end up buying a Z/28 - it will see both the drag strip and the road course. I bought it to have fun with it and that is exactly what I would do with it.

GM left the drag racers high and dry by making three road course cars and leaving the drag racing group behind. The last generation was really Mustang v Camaro at the drag strip.
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