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Here is what we KNOW about the Z/28.

#1 It was done by Mark Steilow and an intensely passionate TEAM of engineers. Google Mark if you don't know him.

#2 Pedders USA has put up a great deal of performance data with our cars starting in 2009. Last year the Lingenfelter - Pedders L/28 beat a lot of cars including Z06s. At the OPTIMA Invitational we put down the 5th Fastest Road Course Lap. The four faster cars times were on flying laps. The L/28 time was from a standing start on the warm up lap. With Danny Popp behind the wheel he walked the field in 2011 in a white Vette in race trim. With Danny Popp behind the wheel of the L/28 he beat the Vette time at Putnam park. Funny thing is the Vette and the L/28 have the same RWHP. The Vette is under 3100 with driver and the L/28 4K.

#3 A 1LE tips the scales at 3875. The Z/28 should be at 3730. The Z06 3210 if my memory is correct. The difference is 520 pounds.

The Z/28 is going to surprise a lot of people. I may be thrown out of the Milford Proving Grounds or the Ren Center for saying this, but I think the Camaro puts power down better than the Vette. The ZR1 should me much faster than the Z06 with all the performance upgrades. It's not. Could it be that the power of the ZR1 is harder to use than most think?

Anyone can make a Vette fast around a road course. They roll of the assembly line fast. Making a Camaro Corvette, Porsche, Ferrari fast is impressive. Our L/28 blows competitors minds. The Z/28 will do the same off the assembly line and do it with four people on a thrill ride.
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